About Seven Virtues

Be Kind. Drink Coffee.

Seven Virtues is a family and locally owned and operated coffee roaster and café.  We opened our first location in North Tabor neighborhood in 2007.    In 2015, we opened our second location in the iconic Zipper building located in the Kerns neighborhood.  And we continue to grow with our third shop opening in April 2017 on SE Hawthorne and 35th.  

Our dedication is to provide our customers with tasty food and drinks that is conscientiously prepared.  We believe to treat our customers with friendly and professional service.  Everything we do is done to create a fantastic overall experience. 

Our passion is for serving single origin coffee.  Single origin coffee is coffee grown within a single geographic origin, it could be from a single farm or a cooperative of farms.  We specialize in single origin coffee because we believe in letting the individual characteristic and flavors of a single origin bean shine. 

At Seven Virtues we serve single origin coffee, espresso and loose leaf teas.  Along with roasting our coffee, we make our own chai tea specially formulated by one of our team members from India.  We are passionate about making things from scratch, so naturally we create our own spreads, sauces and syrups!

Along with our yummy drinks, we have some excellent breakfast sandwich selections and local pastries from Fleur De Lis bakery.  We love catering to special dietary needs, so we also offer Gluten Free and Vegan options.  In 2015, we also started baking our own gluten-free and vegan sweet treats.  

To really understand all we have to offer please check out our menu.

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