Guatemala La Colmenita

Guatemala La Colmenita



10 oz Canister

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Plum, caramel, tangerine

Producer: Onyx Coffee
Region: Guatemala
Processing: Washed



Driving the narrow mountain road up an impossibly steep slope to Finca La Colmenita, or "The Beehive", the views are striking. The valley stretches out below, and the family owned farm, Finca Vista Hermosa sits just beneath. There's a reason this area is called Buena Vista!

When Francisco Cardona Martin bought La Colmenita in 2002, he had a vision: To produce the best quality coffees possible, by planting varieties known for excellence in separation, and investing heavily in equipment and farming techniques. Francisco is incredibly resourceful, drying his coffee on a patio he built on top of his house and investing nearly all profits from coffee sold back into the farm.

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