March Coffee Offerings

We source our coffee from different farms year round depending on product availability. Check here for our current offerings.

Ethiopia Tegene Harar

This Ethiopian coffee is very distinct for a couple of reasons: first off the Harar region it is grown in tends to be dryer, therefor the coffees produced there are sun dried natural coffees.  Secondly, this farm is one of the regions most biodiverse farms rotating crops such as onions, beans and coffee. This specific coffee was done by farmer Tegene Abebe, he is a local success story. Tegenes’ coffees before 2017 scored at a solid 76 for cupping (out of 100) however, he took this as a challenge, participated in agriculture classes and even wagered a goat with a fellow farmer whose coffees always scored high. Low and behold his next harvest scored higher than ever and he won the goat! 

PRODUCER: Tegene Abebe
VARIETY: Abadiro, Kubaniya 
ALTITUDE: 1900-2200 MASL
REGION: Harar 
FLAVOR PROFILE: Cherry pie, Rhubarb, Maple

Brazil Pico Agudo

The farms are located in Carmo de Minas, Sul de Minas, region of Brazil. The farms were established in the late 1800s as dairy, cattle ranches and coffee plantations. A balanced and clean cup with mild nutty finish.

PRODUCERS: Ibraim Chaib De Souza

REGION : Sul De Minas

VARIETY : Bourbon, Amarelo

ALTITUDE: 1000 -1400 MASL

FLAVOR PROFILE: peanut butter, dried mango, chocolate

Colombia Caldas El Volcàn

This coffee is sourced through Traviesa, through the co-op Selecto Exportadores. They are located in Manizales city, right in the heart of the Colombian coffee growing region. Coffee within this region has been the engine of development and through the years these coffees have helped the farmers reach better living conditions. They are proud to provide high tech processing that preserves the embryo of the coffee beans which creates a quality coffee with a great cupping score.

PRODUCERS: Selecto Exportadores 
FARM: Caldas area
VARIETY: Castillo-Caturra
FLAVOR PROFILE: Almonds, Chocolate, Dried apricot. 

Guatemala Campamento Alto 

The long and winding road that leads to Aurelio Villatoro’s door is surrounded by coffee farms, His home village, Hoja Blanca, is the frontier of Cuilco in western Huehuetenango, (Mexico visible barely a kilometer away.) The vertical land in this high valley is dotted with award winning lots from the family. Aurelio’s dream was to continue the work of farming with his father, on his fathers farm: Finca La Esperanza, however after hard work and dedication in 1986 he founded his own farm called "Villaure" a combination of his first and last names. At first, his plot of coffee was very small, but with enthusiasm, and dedication, he increased productivity and slowly bought more lots. From the year 2002 to date, the family has received numerous awards nationally and internationally for their coffee!

PRODUCER: Aurelio Villatoro 
FARM: Villaure
VARIETY: Bourbon, Caturra 
FLAVOR NOTES: Cherry, Chocolate, Raisin