November Coffee Offerings

We source our coffee from different farms year round depending on product availability. Check here for our current offerings.

Ethiopia Organic Shantawene

This is an C.A.F.E. and Organic Certified coffee from Shantawene, a tiny village deep in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. It sits in the foothills of the Bombe Mountains, higher than many of the mills in the region, pulling from slower ripening coffee trees. This produces very rich, dense and flavorful coffee bean.

PRODUCERS: Assefa Dukamo

FARM: Shantawene Cooperative

VARIETY : Setami and Mikicho


ALTITUDE: 2000-2300 MASL

FLAVOR NOTES: lemon. watermelon. lavender

Ethiopia ORganic Sakicha

Aklilu is a fourth-generation coffee professional in Ethiopia for whom coffee isn't just an afterthought. His grandfather received a grant of 500 hectares in Guji decades ago, and the family continues to produce amazing coffee. This coffee comes from a honey processed lot, the cherries are pulped, fermented for around 8 hours and dried under shaded mesh screens. This produces a bright, sparkly coffee with heavy floral notes.

PRODUCERS: Aklilu Kassa & Biniam Aklilu Kassa
FARM: Finca Aklilu Kassa

VARIETY : Guji, Typica, Heirloom

PROCESSING: Honey Process

FLAVOR PROFILE: lemon. eucalyptus, lavender 

Ethiopia Semalo Pride

This microlot coffee comes from the Semalo Pride Washing Station and this coffee has been touched, caressed, loved, and dreamed over by many hands from various cultures. Pride Mill is deeply isolated in Yirgacheffe countryside and this is the second year in production. Semalo Pride is owned by a woman.

PRODUCERS: Firewoyne Tesfaye

VARIETY : Karume, Tulenge

PROCESSING: Honey Process
ALTITUDE: 1850-2100 MASL

FLAVOR PROFILE: blackberry, apple, cantaloupe

Guatemala Monte Claro

Finca Aguas Altas is high in the mountains of San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango, near the Mexican border. Gabino had been a teacher, and bought his farm in 1989 with his savings. One of ten brothers, he helps support and control quality for his and his brothers’ lots, and helps manage their central wet mill.

PRODUCERS: Gabino Mendez
FARM: Finca Aguas Altas

VARIETY : Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra
PROCESSING: Fully Washed
FLAVOR PROFILE: orange. nutty. raspberry

Brazil Pico Agudo

The farms are located in Carmo de Minas, Sul de Minas, region of Brazil. The farms were established in the late 1800s as dairy, cattle ranches and coffee plantations. A balanced and clean cup with mild nutty finish.

PRODUCERS: Ibraim Chaib De Souza

REGION : Sul De Minas

VARIETY : Bourbon, Amarelo

ALTITUDE: 1000 -1400 MASL

FLAVOR PROFILE: peanut butter, dried mango, chocolate

Colombia La finca esmeralda

La Finca Esmeralda belongs to Mr Librado Piedrehita Santa located in the village of Villafatima Colombia. La Finca Esmeralda is manually picked and is recognized for its distinctive growing location. La Finca Esmeralda is grown at 1800 meters above sea level in high altitude areas with rich soils and high organic matter. This gives it unique characterizations such as high acidity, sweet notes and a pronounced aroma!

PRODUCERS: Libardo Piedrahita Santa
REGION : Narino
VARIETY : Yellow Bourbon

FLAVOR PROFILE: pineapple, caramel, tangerine