June Coffee Offerings

We source our coffee from different farms year round depending on product availability. Check here for our current offerings.

Ethiopia Tegene Harar

This Ethiopian coffee is very distinct for a couple of reasons: first off the Harar region it is grown in tends to be dryer, therefor the coffees produced there are sun dried natural coffees.  Secondly, this farm is one of the regions most biodiverse farms rotating crops such as onions, beans and coffee. This specific coffee was done by farmer Tegene Abebe, he is a local success story. Tegenes’ coffees before 2017 scored at a solid 76 for cupping (out of 100) however, he took this as a challenge, participated in agriculture classes and even wagered a goat with a fellow farmer whose coffees always scored high. Low and behold his next harvest scored higher than ever and he won the goat! 

PRODUCER: Tegene Abebe
VARIETY: Abadiro, Kubaniya 
ALTITUDE: 1900-2200 MASL
REGION: Harar 
FLAVOR PROFILE: Cherry pie, Rhubarb, Maple

Brazil Pico Agudo

The farms are located in Carmo de Minas, Sul de Minas, region of Brazil. The farms were established in the late 1800s as dairy, cattle ranches and coffee plantations. A balanced and clean cup with mild nutty finish.

PRODUCERS: Ibraim Chaib De Souza

REGION : Sul De Minas

VARIETY : Bourbon, Amarelo

ALTITUDE: 1000 -1400 MASL

FLAVOR PROFILE: peanut butter, dried mango, chocolate

Colombia Huila Timaná

The 32 producers of this coffee are members of the Asociación de Productores Agrícolas de Timaná (ASPRO Timaná), a coffee producer association in Huila, Colombia. The association was founded in 2002 by 45 farmers and has now expanded to include 405 producers and their families.
The municipality of Timaná is located in the south of Huila, one of the most important coffee regions in Colombia. Timaná was founded by Pedro de Añazco. The town is known as 'Villa de la Gaitana' - Gaitana was a female native who led the Timaná Tribe against the Spanish conquistadors in 16th century.
In 2004 ASPRO Timaná was the recipient of a donation by a UK specialty roaster. This funding was the catalyst for a quality-oriented strategy that positioned ASPRO Timaná as a high-quality player in the Colombian coffee world. The Association is currently participating in the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (Netherlands Enterprise Agency), the project consists in promoting roasted specialty coffees at origin. In 2013 ASPRO Timaná opened the first specialty coffee shop in Timaná as a meeting space for the members to share knowledge, meet with clients and train local baristas.

PRODUCER: ASPRO Timaná producer group
VARIETY: Caturra, Colombia, Red Bourbon, Gesha, and Castillo 
REGION: Huila Timaná Municipality 
Altitude: 1350-1900 
TASTE NOTES:  Caramel, Tropical Fruit, Hibiscus 

Guatemala Huehue Candelaria 

The Huehue region is one of the non volcanic coffee producing regions of the country. Due to its topography, there are multiple micro climates which are perfect for coffee production, giving the coffee nice fruit notes. 
The farm Finca Joya Grande was established in 1976 as a very small coffee plantation operation.
Given the farm's topography, coffee is the only agricultural product that can be planted. with there quality production, all coffee pulp resulting from the wet mill process is utilized as organic fertilizer. 
The Finca Vasquez farm was established in 1980 when Don Jose Vasquez moved from Colotenango to the coffee lands La Libertad, Huehuetenango. The current owners of the farm are Genaro and Juan Vasquez (son and grandson of Don Jose). Both of whom are quality oriented! They keep the same practices and varietals as Don Jose once did.
The Finca La Maravilla farm was acquired in 1997 from an extension of El Injerto II. The property was abandoned at the time, however, with time and dedication the owner and his father converted the land into a beautiful and well-maintained coffee operation. To not cause any environmental impact on the farm, all weed control is done by hand, no herbicides are used.

PRODUCER: Finca Joya Grande, Finca Vasquez, Finca la Maravilla and other small farms

VARIETY: Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Typica, Pacamara 
REGION: Huehuetenango 
ALTITUDE: 1500-2000 MASL
TASTE NOTES:  Milk Chocolate, Almond, Raspberry