Ethiopia Shantawene - Washed Process

Ethiopia Shantawene - Washed Process



Now being sold as 12 oz bags

We roast at the beginning and the end of every week for all orders. All orders are shipped (by USPS Priority Mail) 2 business days following the roast.  

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FLAVOR PROFILE: Peach, Jasmine, Lavender 
PRODUCER: Asefa Dukamo (Owner)
VARIETY: 74/158, 74/110, local varieties: Setami and Mikicho 
REGION: SNNPR Region, Sidama Zone, Bensa District Shantawene Village 
ALTITUDE: 1900 - 2100 MASL
CERTIFICATION: Organic and C.A.F.E certified 
SOURCING: Catalyst Coffee


Seven Virtues purchased this coffee through Catalyst Coffee. This is a relationship coffee purchase. We work with Catalyst and Catalyst Coffee works with the farmers, and they are one of the best. For this coffee Catalyst buys 100% of the coffee from Asefa Abore/Bombe site. This means they have invested significant time and money into this coffee. This coffee is high quality from start to finish. Catalyst in unison with the farmers tests and samples the coffee constantly through the picking, drying and selling process. This coffee has Organic certifications and C.A.F.E. certifications. The farm and the farmers all receive a higher amount of money than is typical for Ethiopian coffees because of these certifications and through Catalyst’s three-tier premium payment structure: As the coffee meets each quality tier the farmers are paid again, they are making up to three times as much as normal. 

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