Vietnam Bon Mua

Vietnam Bon Mua



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Flavor Profile: Molasses, Toffee, Nutty
Producer: Bon Mua Family Farm 
Variety: Bourbon and Typica, 
Processing: Washed
Region: Southwest Vietnam 
Altitude: 1550 MASL

The Bon Mua Family farm has been growing coffee for 40 years in Vietnam. Their coffee is sourced directly from their family owned and operated organic farm in Southwest Vietnam.
Bon Mua coffee has a distinctive full-body character and is nuanced in its flavors. Bon Mua Coffee only uses the ripest berries for their processed raw beans. This is the best way they can protect the quality of their coffee and ensure that the beans are free from unknown substances or chemicals. 
The Bon Mua family farm will share every dollar made by their Oregon based company - Bon Mua Oregon with local charities they will also support the Education Foundation established by their team. As they continue to grow, they promise that their customers, growers, and their community will be at the center of everything that they do.

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