Sumatra Pakpak

Sumatra Pakpak



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Flavor Profile: Vanilla, Berry, Licorice root
Producer: Samuel Sihombing
Variety: Caturra
Processing: Semi-washed
Region: North Sumatra
Altitude: 1200-1700 MASL


This Coffee comes from the Pakpak Bharat Distract of Sumatra, it is on the Northern fringes of Lake Toba, you will find Dairi and Pakpak Bharat districts here. This is the home of the Pakpak people. Although the Pakpak’s can be traced back to the better-known Toba Batak tribe, they harness pride in the fact that they have their own culture, housing, clothing, and dialect. Their language is called: Bahassa Pakpak, derived from the Toba Batak language.

The Pakpak coffees are balanced, layered, and well-bodied. Besides the expected licorice root profile, the Pakpak coffees reveal hints of florals and notes of berry, nuts, raspberry, vanilla, raisins, walnut, and tobacco. A sweet profile that highlights the elements of a classic wet-hulled Sumatran.

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