Our Coffee

Seven Virtues is a micro-roaster that takes a humble approach to specialty coffee.

We focus on quality, intensity, and balance in the cup.

Our passion for coffee revolves around single origin coffee beans.  We delicately hand-roast our coffee and focus on extracting all the intricate flavor notes a coffee has to offer. Our continuous efforts lead us to perfecting the roast whether it is for brewed coffee or for espresso.

Our goal since we opened has been to provide a quality cup of coffee. By sourcing our own green beans, we have greater control regarding what we serve. Our compassion for the farmers necessitates that we source specialty coffee where the farmers are being paid sustainable wages for their best coffee. We source small amounts of green beans very carefully from a variety of sources with a lot of the coffee benefitting from Direct Trade relationships.  We are truly grateful for being a small part of the coffee culture invested in creating the perfect cup of coffee.