Wholesale CoffeE

Love our coffee? Want to share it with others? Join our wholesale coffee program!

At Seven Virtues we are strictly a Single Origin Roaster. This means that we do not have a “house” blend and that we only roast coffee from a single farm or from a single coop. This is the core of our philosophy with roasting. We believe in roasting coffee lightly with the goal of bringing out the sweetness and unique flavor qualities of each coffee.
Our wholesale program is attractive because of our tasty coffee beans and an affordable price structure. Normally, the price of the beans you buy vary depending on the growing region. At Seven Virtues, you pay the same reasonable price no matter what region you choose. 

Delicious coffee is affordable!


This coffee program is geared towards the small creative office here in Portland that loves specialty coffee. We only roast single origin coffee so over a years time you will have tasted a variety of coffee from many of the coffee growing regions in the world.

All you need to do is buy 3 lbs. a week and you will get our wholesale price. You can choose to pick up your coffee at one of our three locations or for a small fee you can have it delivered. Please inquire here.


Buying wholesale coffee for your shop from SV will certainly set your cafe apart. We are a progressive roaster which focuses on single origin coffee and espresso. Most roasters in Portland provide their wholesale accounts with a house blend for espresso. That is great if you are looking for a consistent flavor profile and your customers are looking for the same. In theory, the benefit of this is that your customers know what to expect and so do your baristas. The problem here is that these “house blends” are not consistent. One week they might be great and the next week a real unexpected challenge for your baristas.

When you get coffee from SV it will be single origin. Your customers will taste a variety of espresso in their drinks and your baristas will be presented with expected challenges every time they get a new espresso. This will challenge your baristas on a weekly basis and they will get better. This also offers your customers a chance to expand their palates. Single origin espresso is progressive and it is delicious!

If you are a local shop in Portland, you can sign up and get free delivery.

If you are not local, all you need to do is meet our minimum of 25 lbs. and the shipping is on us!

Please inquire here.